Tom Traferatops Learns About Coding and Future-Ready Skills

Tom is a dinosaur whoalong with his friend Kate and the rest of his dino classlearns the foundations of coding while picking up some future-ready skills along the way. 

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Tom Traferatops wants to tell you about the hundreds of free lessons available on the TRAILS Digital Lesson Library

About the Book 

Tom is a dinosaur who is about to learn the key components of coding through a seriously fun class activity. 

Take your class along as Tom and his friend Kate learn about: 

  • The basics of coding
  • Future-ready skills like creativity, collaboration, and perseverance
  • Iterating, testing, and trying again

Digital Read-Aloud

If silly voices and storytime isn't your strength, you can still follow along with Tom's story using this digital read-aloud!

Free Digital Lessons

"Tom Traferatops and Friends Learn Coding and Future-Ready Skills" is part of a broad series of lessons developed for TRAILS Digital Lesson Library by Trafera. With free TRAILS lessons, your class can continue Tom's story and write their own story of becoming future-ready with skills like coding. 


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