BOOK Three

Tom Traferatops Becomes A Good Digital Citizen

Tom is a dinosaur who learns, through a video game with his friends and his big brother's guidance, how to effectively be a part of an online community while being safe, respectful, and responsible.


Tom Traferatops wants to tell you about the hundreds of free lessons available on the TRAILS Digital Lesson Library

About the Book 

Tom is a dinosaur who learns through a video game with his friends, and his big brother's guidance, how to effectively be a part of an online community.   

Take your class along as Tom races through his video game and learn valuable digital citizen lessons on: 

  • Being safe and respectful in the digital world
  • The basics of being a digital citizen
  • How to positively contribute to an online world

Digital Read-Aloud

If silly voices and storytime isn't your strength, you can still follow along with Tom's story using this digital read-aloud!

8 Free Digital Lessons

"Tom Traferatops Becomes a Good Digital Citizen" is part of a broad series of social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons developed for TRAILS Digital Lesson Library by Trafera. With 8 free TRAILS lessons, your class can continue Tom's story and write their own story of online responsibility. 


8 Free Digital Lessons

Access the rest of Tom's lessons with a TRAILS account–FREE to all Trafera customers! Not a Trafera customer yet? You can request a demo here to try TRAILS for yourself and download up to 10 TRAILS lessons to put to use in your classroom. 


Internet Safety Part 1

Be more prepared for internet usage with updated usernames and passwords.


Internet Safety Part 2

Understand how and why they should be careful with the way they conduct themselves online. 


Digital Citizen Part 1

Know effective ways to be a part of an online community and positively contribute in an online environment.                                    


Digital Citizen Part 2

An interactive approach to digital citizenship and etiquette by making decisions based on certain provided scenarios.


Ready and Responsible

Learn about safe and responsible digital citizenship and create a pledge to demonstrate understanding.


Cyber Safety

Discover the importance of cyber safety and utilize self-awareness to develop their cyber safety skills.


Coding Emotions with Photon

Students will define cyberbullying and learn ways to prevent bullying online.  


Defining a Digital Citizen

Develop a better understanding of what a digital citizen is and how to stay safe online.

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