Tom Traferatops and Friends See the World Through a STEM Lens

Stay curious, ask questions, and make mistakes with Tom Traferatops and his classroom friends as they explore the world around them through a STEM lens. 


Tom Traferatops wants to tell you about the hundreds of free lessons available on the TRAILS Digital Lesson Library

About the Book 

Take your class through Tom's day at school and learn valuable
STEM lessons like: 

  • Staying curious about the world around you
  • Asking questions and exploring curiosities
  • Learning from mistakes in the scientific inquiry process

Digital Read-Aloud

If silly voices and storytime isn't your strength, you can still follow along with Tom's story using this digital read-aloud!

8 Free Digital Lessons

"Tom Traferatops and Friends See the World Through a STEM Lens" is part of a broad series of STEM thinking lessons developed for TRAILS Digital Lesson Library by Trafera. With 8 free TRAILS lessons, your class can continue Tom's story and write their own story of curiousity and scientific expploration. 


8 Free Digital Lessons

Access the rest of Tom's lessons with a TRAILS account–FREE to all Trafera customers! Not a Trafera customer yet? You can request a demo here to try TRAILS for yourself and download up to 10 TRAILS lessons to put to use in your classroom. 


Problem Solvers (K-2)

Create out-of-the-box solutions for a variety of scenarios.


Measure Up! (K-2)

Use non-standard measurements to complete an outdoor scavenger hunt. 


STEM Detective: Take a Closer Look (K-2)

Look at and think about things in new and different ways.


Ready, Set, Launch! (3-5)

Use the engineering design process to create, test and improve upon a catapult.


What is STEM? (K-5)

Define STEM and understand start getting curious!


Problem Solvers (3-5)

Brainstorm possible out-of-the box solutions for problems.


Weight and Distance (3-5)

Determine the effect of weight on distance by building ramps.


Height and Distance (3-5)

Determine the effects of height on distance by building ramps.

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