GoGuardian Suite

Unify your filtering, classroom engagement, and school mental health tools into
a single suite. GoGuardian’s suite of tools helps you maximize the learning potential of your 1:1 school technology program.


Unified Filtering, Monitoring, and Management. 

With GoGuardian's suite of classroom tools, you can filter, monitor, and manage your school's device fleet from a single online platform. 

See why 10,000+ schools have chosen GoGuardian as their trusted fleet management partner. 


GoGuardian Admin

Manage filtering policies across all users, regardless of device type, operating system, or browser—from one interface.

GoGuardian Teacher

Create smart and effective digital learning environments that can be customized to meet the needs of the day — or each student.

GoGuardian Beacon

Notify designated staff about online activity that indicates a risk of suicide, self-harm, or possible harm to others.

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See for yourself how GoGuardian can improve the teaching and learning experience: 

  • Filter web content for students across your entire device fleet
  • Monitor and manage student activity in the classroom
  • Watch for warning signs of student mental health and safety concerns